Center for State Fiscal Reform

Policy Center Description

The Center for State Fiscal Reform provides policymakers with dependable economic and fiscal policy research to solve public policy challenges and produce better economic outcomes for all Americans. To achieve its goal of enhancing economic competitiveness and sound fiscal policy in the states, the Center for State Fiscal Reform provides original research, expert testimony and policy best practices in the areas of tax, budget and pension reform.

Rich States, Poor States

Examing the latest movement in state economic growth and competition.

Using 15 equally weighted policy variables,  Rich States, Poor States: ALEC- Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index is a comprehensive report that ranks the economic competitiveness of states. Learn more and use the same tool legislators have employed for a decade to adjust their state’s tax policy variables and find real solutions for economic security at

Task Forces

Tax and Fiscal Policy

The ALEC Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force is dedicated to researching and promoting sound policy aimed at creating a…