Resolution to Create a County Employee Recognition Program

NOTE: Prior to task force meetings, ALEC posts these legislative member-submitted draft model policies to our website. The draft model policies are then discussed, debated, and voted on by ALEC task force members. Policies that receive final approval by legislators on the ALEC Board of Directors become official ALEC model policy. Draft model policies that fail to become official ALEC model policy are removed from the website.


This model resolution offers government a format to recognize the performance or accomplishments of those non-elected employees of government.

Resolution to Create a County Employee Recognition Program

Purpose: Benefits of an Employee Recognition Program:

  • Improved employee engagement
  • Improved workplace environments, employee sentiments
  • Increased sense of ownership relative to work and outcomes
  • Increased sense of opportunity, purpose, and accomplishment
  • Increased visibility by the public to the accomplishments of our outstanding employees

Eligibility: Nomination Criteria:

  • Nominee must be:
    • A full-time employee
    • Employed by County for at least 2 years
    • All full-time employees are eligible, except non-union management
  • Nominations should be submitted with a focus on:
    • Quality performance over a significant period of time (be specific)
    • Improvements in systems, office/department efficiency, contributions to office
    • Completion of large or special project(s); and/or
    • Positive attitude in receiving and completing assigned work
  • Nominators will remains anonymous to the public
  • Selected employee may not receive a second award within five years

Selection Committee:

  • Composed of five employees covered by a union agreement *(CSEA, PCSEA, PBA, PuMA)
  • Committee members would independently rate each nominee:
    • Ex: If there are three nominees, each committee member would independently rate each nominee on a points scale as follows: first 3 points, second 2 points, third 1 point
  • All employees, including Committee members, can nominate an employee
  • Non-Union Managers are ineligible to be selected and may not be part of the Selection Committee

Award Elements:

  • Awarded annually
  • County Executive will issue an award letter to be emailed to the selected employee, and added to their Personnel file
  • Email distributed to county employees celebrating selected employee
    • “Peer-to-Peer” recognition increases motivation
  • Award ceremony hosted in County Office Building, attended by County Executive, and/or his/her representatives, appropriate Department Head, and Personnel Officer
  • Photo of employee award ceremony posted in lobby of County office building until next selection is made
  • Name with year added to a plaque to be displayed in the lobby of the County Office Building
    • Public displays encourage employee involvement in the program

* The County Executive, the County Clerk, the District Attorney, the County Sheriff and the Chair of the Legislature will each appoint 1 member to the committee.