Alexis Jarrett

Press Secretary



Alexis Jarrett serves as the Press Secretary at ALEC. In this role, she helps develop, manage and organize ALEC communication activities such as press releases, media inquiries and research publication releases. She also assists creative development of content such as podcasts, videos, op-eds, advertisements and speeches. Alexis enjoys working with the different task forces and policy initiatives to help tell states’ stories.

Alexis studied political science and communications at Ohio University, where she was a freelance writer for online publications, involved in various clubs and organizations and learned her love for storytelling from the interesting and passionate people of Athens.

An Ohio native, she has a great appreciation for crisp fall days, OH-brewed craft beer and grilled corn in August. In her free time, she can be found trying a new recipe in the kitchen, packing for a picnic in a D.C. park or enjoying a book on the couch with her cat, Jeff.

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