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Archives: Connor Swartz / Articles

  • State of the State: Illinois image

    State of the State: Illinois

    From Illinois’ crushing taxes and regulations to the state’s fiscal problems, it is easy to see why people are voting with their feet and leaving the state at disproportionately high rates. If the Land of Lincoln wishes to stop the bleeding, Governor Rauner can’t be the only one with good ideas—members of the General Assembly and the general public need to get behind necessary reform efforts to save the state.

  • State of the State: New Hampshire image

    State of the State: New Hampshire

    Despite the Granite State’s strengths and Sununu’s proposals, there remains work to be done. For example, the top marginal tax rate for corporations is a steep 8.2%; and although New Hampshire doesn’t have a personal income tax or sales tax, it does have the highest property tax burden in the nation. New Hampshire also ranks a lackluster 37th in the nation in terms of burdensome regulations according to the Pacific Research Institute. Furthermore, the recently released ALEC report Unaccountable and Unaffordable 2016 ranks the state’s pension funding level at 43rd nationally. Using a risk-free rate of return of 2.344 percent, New Hampshire’s state pensions are unfunded in excess of $13,000 per capita with a funded ratio of just 28 percent.

  • State of the State: Kentucky image

    State of the State: Kentucky

    On a very bright note, Bevin signed legislation into law earlier this year that officially made Kentucky a right-to-work state, an important step in attracting business and expanding freedom of choice for workers on the decision regarding unionization. A continuation of this spirit of reform bodes well for the state’s future.