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ALEC in The Epoch Times: Are Social Credit Scores Coming to America?

States fight back with laws banning political discrimination by banks to combat environmental and social credit score technology

The Epoch Times
June 12, 2022
By: Kevin Stocklin

Executive Vice President and ALEC Chief Economist, Jonathan Williams, was featured in a story by The Epoch Times regarding social credit scores potentially reaching the United States.

As new technology is developed to track peoples’ behavior and generate environmental and social credit scores, some state lawmakers are sounding the alarm that the United States may be following China in imposing behavioral ratings on its citizens.

But some analysts warn that social credit scoring could come to America, not through government mandates, but through the private sector—primarily banks, insurance companies, and tech companies—and they point to ominous signs that it is already starting to happen.

“We should be very thankful that our government doesn’t have the power to mandate that,” said Jonathan Williams, chief economist at the American Legislative Exchange Council, a membership organization for state legislators. But progressive control over the financial system could mean “having people’s freedoms eroded without any legislation ever having to be passed, whether it’s companies with a radical take on ESG or FICO personal credit scores.”

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