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With nearly 200 members representing all parts of the country and every segment of industry, the Communications and Technology Task Force believes that constant, dynamic innovation in communications and technology presents numerous complexities that defy traditional public policy prescriptions. To help policymakers understand the changes underway in the 21st century economy, the Task Force brings together state legislators, private industry, and policy experts to develop public policies that will promote economic growth, freedom of technology, and innovation in the states.

Areas of focus for the Task Force include: 1) broadband deployment and adoption; 2) protecting consumer choice in privacy; 3) promoting new forms of e-commerce; and 4) growing the high-tech sector of the economy. Additionally, the Task Force has established five subcommittees to thoroughly investigate topics of interest to the states. These subcommittees are: Broadband; E-Commerce; Information Technology; Innovation; and Consumer Protection, Critical Infrastructure, and Security Technologies.


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  • Reject CBDCs and Protect Financial Privacy Act Final

    (1) Definitions: For the purposes of this chapter, the words defined in this section have the meaning given. (a) “Financial Privacy” refers to the protection of a citizen’s nonpublic financial information. (b) “Central Bank Digital Currency” refers to a digital medium of exchange, token, or monetary…

  • Teen Social Media and Internet Safety Act Final

    (1) Definitions. For the purposes of this chapter, the words defined in this section have the meaning given. (a) “Internet” means the combination of computer facilities and electromagnetic transmission media, and related equipment and software, comprising the interconnected worldwide network of computer networks that employ the Transmission Control…

  • Resolution in Support of Free Market Solutions and Enforcement of Existing Regulations for Uses of Artificial Intelligence Final

    WHEREAS, artificial intelligence (AI) represents the next great tool for human flourishing, artistic creativity, increased productivity, and economic growth; WHEREAS, AI also represents a major area of competition between American innovators and foreign adversaries and cyber criminals; WHEREAS, the major advancements in AI have been driven by private sector capital,…

  • Statewide Health Data Utility Act Final

    Section 1. Declaration of Purpose A state health data utility (“HDU”) can help achieve better patient outcomes, improve the overall health and wellbeing of the people of [STATE], and reduce the cost of health care by creating a more seamless, transparent, and modernized approach to sharing health information. This bill…

  • Resolution in Support of Congressional Law to Combat Government Pressuring of Social Media Platforms to Remove Speech Final

    WHEREAS, social media platforms are private businesses and if forced by the United States Government to carry or promote speech those actions by the United States Government should be exposed and investigated for potentially violations of civil and criminal law, WHEREAS, President Joe Biden said to social media platforms that…

  • State Infrastructure Protection Act Final

    AN ACT relating to prohibiting contracts or other agreements with certain foreign-owned companies in connection with critical infrastructure in this state. BE IT ENACTED BY THIS LEGISLATIVE CHAMBER: SECTION 1.  This Act may be cited as the State Infrastructure Protection Act. SECTION 2.  The relevant section or chapter of the business or commerce code…

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