Education and Workforce Development

Task Force Description

The mission of the ALEC Education and Workforce Development Task Force is to promote excellence in the nation’s educational system, to advance reforms through parental choice, to support efficiency, accountability, and transparency in all educational institutions, and to ensure America’s youth are given the opportunity to succeed.

 Report Card on American Education

The status quo is not working. Whether by international comparisons, state and national proficiency measures, civic literacy rates, or career preparedness, American students are falling behind. Learn more about state K-12 education and policy performances at


Meeting Information

Task Force Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, November 30th, 2022

1:45 – 4:45 PM EST

1:45 PM            Introductions and Ground Rules

1:50 PM            Presentation: School Choice in Rural America

2:20 PM            Presentation: School System Reform Imperatives

2:50 PM            Presentation: Connecting Students and Employers

3:20 PM            Presentation: Choice, Transparency, and Accountability Improve Achievement…Not Money

3:50 PM            Model Policy Consideration

       The Alternative Teacher Credentialing Act

       The Free Speech in Higher Education Act

       The Honesty in Teaching Act

4:30  PM           Member Updates/Good of the Order

4:45 PM            Adjourn

All Model Policies

  • Alternative Teacher Credentialing Act Draft

    SECTION 1: Definitions A) “Alternative teacher certification program” means a teacher certification program that is not provided by a public or private institution of higher education and has been approved by the [insert state] Department of Education.   SECTION 2: Alternative Teacher Credentialing A) The [insert state] Department of Education…

  • Honesty in Teaching Act Draft

    SECTION 1: Title This Act shall be known and may be cited as the Honesty in Teaching Act. SECTION 2: Definitions A) “Contractor” means an individual, organization, corporation or business that enters into a contract, or a subcontract pursuant to a contract, with a public-school entity. B) “Department” means the…

  • Free Speech in Higher Education Act Draft

    WHEREAS, public universities and community colleges have an obligation to uphold students’ First Amendment rights of free speech; WHEREAS, the opportunity for disagreements, differences of opinion, and even heated arguments, unless threatening or otherwise unlawful, are vital to a climate of inquiry; WHEREAS, excessive or unreasonable security fees, student-on-student harassment,…

  • The Hope Scholarship Act Final

    Section I – Hope Scholarship Program – Short Title This law shall be known as the “Hope Scholarship Act.” The program created by this act shall be known as the “Hope Scholarship Program.”   Section II. Compulsory Public School Attendance A. A child is exempt from the compulsory…

  • Academic Transparency Act Final

    Section I: Online Transparency A. Each school that is operated by a school district or charter school shall disclose on a publicly accessible portion of its website all of the following: The procedures or processes in effect for the school principal or other staff to document, review or approve lesson…

  • Protecting Religious Homeschooling Act Final

    Section 1. Religious Property Tax Exemption A property tax exemption based on religious purposes includes real property owned by a church which allows its premises to be used by an entity if such entity is not required to make rental payments to the church, is not required to execute a…

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