Board of Directors

A dedicated team of state legislative leaders from across the country serves as the governing board of ALEC. They are among the vanguard for freedom who dedicate their time and resources to promote limited government, free markets and federalism.

Representative Daniel Perez

2023 ALEC National Chair, Florida House of Representatives

Senate President Ty Masterson

2023 ALEC Vice Chair, Kansas Senate

Sen. Jim Dotson

Secretary, Arkansas House of Representatives

Senate President Stuart Adams

2021 ALEC National Chair, Utah Senate

Sen. Jim Buck

ALEC 2017 National Chair; ALEC Board Member

Delegate Kathy Byron

Virginia House of Delegates

Representative John Carson

Georgia House of Representatives

Speaker Philip Gunn

2020 ALEC National Chair, Mississippi House of Representatives

Rep. Matt Hall

Minority Leader

Senator Josh Harkins

Mississippi Senate

Representative Phil King

Texas House of Representatives

Representative Susan Lynn

Tennessee House of Representatives

Representative Kim Moser

Kentucky General Assembly

Representative Jason Saine

2019 ALEC National Chair, North Carolina House of Representatives

Representative Bill Seitz

Ohio House of Representatives

Speaker Pro Tempore John Wills

Iowa House of Representatives

Board of Scholars

The ALEC Board of Scholars Program honors those whose distinguished work and dedication to market-based policy innovations have been, and continue to be, invaluable to ALEC and its membership.

Private Enterprise Advisory Council

To better promote the principles of limited government, free markets and federalism with real-world business experience, the ALEC Board of Directors enlists an advisory team of private-sector industry leaders.

Bill Carmichael

Second Vice Chair, American Bail Coalition

Joseph Crosby

MultiState Associates

Steve DelBianco

National Chair, NetChoice

Paul Fitzpatrick

1792 Exchange

Tim Goodrich

National Federation of Independent Business

Dean Heyl

Asian American Hotel Owner's Association

Mike Kiely

United Parcel Service

Don Lee

K12 Education

Stephen Moore


Mike Morgan

Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC

Katie Sinquefield

Sinquefield Charitable Foundation

Jonathan Small

Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

Daniel Smith

Altria Client Services

Tom Wickham

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Joseph Arite

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance

Roland Spies

State Farm Insurance Companies

ALEC Executives

A vibrant team of experienced leaders, with Lisa B. Nelson at the helm, guide day-to-day ALEC staff operations.

Lisa B. Nelson

Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Bowen

Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President of Operations and Administration

Courtney Cook

Vice President, Events

Michael Bowman

Senior Fellow

Lee Schalk

Vice President, Policy

Marie Vulaj

Senior Vice President, Partnerships and Engagement

Jonathan Williams

Executive Vice President, Policy and ALEC Chief Economist