Energy, Environment and Agriculture

Task Force Description

The Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force operates under the principles of free-market environmentalism, that is to promote the mutually beneficial link between a robust economy and a healthy environment, to unleash the creative powers of the free market for environmental stewardship, and to enhance the quality and use of our natural and agricultural resources for the benefit of human health and well-being.

The Task Force works to develop model policy in a wide variety of issue areas, including energy, public lands, chemical regulation, agricultural technology, regulatory reform, air and water quality, federal-state relations, environmental health, waste management, rural development, and property rights.

The Task Force launched the EPA Regulatory Train Wreck Initiative to ensure states remain the first among equals with the federal government on environmental regulation. In addition, ALEC’s efforts are intended to maintain the important balance of rational environmental protection with economic progress. The initiative focuses on pending and proposed EPA regulations and the cooperative federalism intent of the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act.

All Model Policies

  • Statement of Principles on Securing and Protecting Public Utility Infrastructure Final

    (i) Public Utilities are a vital part of our national critical infrastructure. Public utilities play a fundamental role in providing essential services and are vital components of our nation’s energy grid, facilitating the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity to homes, businesses, and government assets. The security of these facilities…

  • The Electric Reliability Act Final

    The legislature of [name of state] finds that: American families and American industries depend on reliable and affordable electricity for everything they do, from lifesaving medical equipment to lifesaving climate control in their homes and workplaces; electricity demand must be met with electricity supply instantly, or interruptions of service result; 230 coal…

  • An Act to Prevent Lawsuit Abuse Regarding Ethylene Oxide Emissions Final

    An Act relating to ethylene oxide emissions; creating an exclusive cause of action for ethylene oxide exposure actions; providing that a plaintiff may prevail in an ethylene oxide exposure action only in accordance with the requirements of this Act. Section 1. Requirements for Liability for Exposure to Ethylene Oxide Notwithstanding…

  • Act to Prohibit State Procurement of Electric Vehicles with Forced Labor Components Final

    AN ACT relating to government procurement of electric vehicles; prohibiting government contracts procuring electric vehicles that may have been made through forced labor; setting remedies and penalties for manufacturers; and providing an effective date. SECTION 1. Legislative Findings The State of [name of state] finds that: many electric vehicles are being made…

  • Act to Create a Feasibility Study on New Nuclear Energy Generation Final

    (1) The commission shall engage an outside consulting firm to conduct a feasibility study on nuclear energy generation in this state. (2) The feasibility study shall consider all of the following: (a) The advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy generation in this state, including, but not limited to,…

  • Act to Establish a Study on the Commercial Application of Existing Technology to Reclaim and Repurpose Nuclear Fuel Rods Final

    TO CREATE A STUDY ON THE COMMERCIAL APPLICATION OF EXISTING TECHNOLOGY TO RECLAIM AND REPURPOSE SPENT NUCLEAR FUEL RODS. (a) The House Committee on ____ and the Senate Committee on _____ shall meet jointly to conduct a study on the commercial application of existing technology to reclaim and repurpose spent…

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