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American City County Exchange

The American City County Exchange (ACCE) is America’s only non-partisan forum for local government officials who believe taxpayers should come first in every decision. Always putting their neighbors and constituents first, ACCE members learn from other local decision makers and industry experts about issues, processes and problem-solving strategies for the key issues in their communities.  Provided with important policy education, local decision makers become more informed and better equipped to serve the needs of their communities.

ACCE Mission Statement

The Mission of American City County Exchange is to engage local elected officials and leaders from business and industry for the advancement of limited government and free market principles.


All Model Policies

  • Taxpayer Transparency Act Final

    Be it enacted by the Legislature of the [COUNTY] as follows: Section I. [Chapter] of the Code of [COUNTY] is hereby added as provided hereinafter: TAXPAYER TRANSPARENCY 1 Title. 2 Legislative intent. 3 Definitions. 4 Searchable budget database website created. 5 Updates. 6 Compliance with Act. 7 Electronic public access…

  • Local Taxpayer Protection Act Final

    Be it enacted by the Legislature of [COUNTY] as follows: Section 1. Local Taxpayer Protection Act. (A) Should the annual operating budget result in an increase in property tax levy, adoption by the Legislature shall require a vote of two-thirds of the total Legislature. (B) The…

  • Homelessness Crisis Mitigation Act Final

    Be it enacted by the Legislature of [COUNTY] as follows: Section 1 A new Chapter is hereby added to the Code of [COUNTY] to read as follows: CHAPTER HOMELESS SHELTERS Purpose. The County has a critical interest in maintaining the health, safety, and welfare of its residents. As such, it…

  • Savings Incentive Partnership Program Final

    APPROVAL/LOCAL LAW TO AMEND THE CODE OF [COUNTY] BY ADDING A NEW CHAPTER ENTITLED “SAVINGS INCENTIVE PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM”  Be it enacted by the Legislature of [COUNTY] as follows: Purpose. The purpose of the [COUNTY] Savings Incentive Partnership Program (the “Program”) is to maximize the conservation of County resources for the…

  • Ordinance Establishing Mobile Food Vendors Final

    ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING MOBILE FOOD VENDORS: WHEREAS, mobile food vending is a popular and diverse part of local economies across the United States; WHEREAS, [XXX Municipality] desires to support economic development, foster opportunities for small businesses and encourage mobile food vending; WHEREAS, [XXX Municipality] seeks to increase consumer access to desired…

  • A Resolution for Government Services to be Compared to Private Sector Services for Federal and State Grant Money Final

    Whereas, federal and state grants are a crucial part of funding for public works and community development infrastructure projects and, Whereas, federal and state grants are used to help defray costs to local taxpayers and, Whereas, federal and state grants are still taxpayer money and Whereas, federal and state grant…

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