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Task Force Description

American City County Exchange

The American City County Exchange (ACCE) is America’s only non-partisan forum for local government officials who believe taxpayers should come first in every decision. Always putting their neighbors and constituents first, ACCE members learn from other local decision makers and industry experts about issues, processes and problem-solving strategies for the key issues in their communities.  Provided with important policy education, local decision makers become more informed and better equipped to serve the needs of their communities.

ACCE Mission Statement

The Mission of American City County Exchange is to engage local elected officials and leaders from business and industry for the advancement of limited government and free market principles.


Meeting Information

American City County Exchange Meeting

July 24-25, 2024

Wednesday Afternoon

Panel Discussion: Education Opportunities and Obstacles

Panel Discussion: How Zoning Helps or Hurts Communities

Thursday Morning

Panel Discussion: How Communities are Effectively Using Technology

Review of Model Policies

  • ACCE Model County Code Ordinance
  • Statement of Principles on Illegal Possession of Private Property
  • Short-Term Rental Tax Policy
  • Amendments to the ACCE Principles of Short-Term Housing Rental Regulations
  • Resolution to Create a County Employee Recognition Program
  • Resolution To Adopt The “Think Differently” Initiative To Assist Individuals With Special Needs And Their Families

All Model Policies

  • The School Board Election Date Act Draft

    Section 1. Date of School Board Elections (A) The date of a school district’s election for members of its board of education shall be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, simultaneously with the general election. (B) The date of a school…

  • Increasing Light-Touch Density Housing Act Draft

    ACT PURPOSE This bill, among other things, would authorize light touch density housing containing no more than [insert a number] residential units on all lots within any zone in which housing is permitted without discretionary review or hearing, unless zoning permits higher densities or intensities. Also authorizes light touch density…

  • Housing Opportunities Made Easier (HOME) Act Draft

    Section 1. Short Title. This Act shall be known as the “Housing Opportunities Made Easier (HOME) Act.” Section 2. Definitions. For purposes of this Act: (a) Duplex means a house divided into two Dwelling Units, with a separate entrance for each. (b) Dwelling or Dwelling Unit…

  • Stop Squatters Act Draft

    Section 1. Limited Alternative Remedy to Remove Unauthorized Persons from Residential and Commercial Real Properties (a) The Legislature finds that the right to exclude others from entering, and the right to direct others to immediately vacate, residential and commercial real property are fundamental property rights. (b) A property owner or…

  • ACCE Model County Code Ordinance Draft

    IN THE MATTER OF REPEALING AND REENACTING, WITH AMENDMENTS, CHAPTER____ ZONING, OF THE ______ CITY/COUNTY CODE BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF CITY/COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF THE CITY/COUNTY OF _________, STATE OF ______________: WHEREAS, the Board of Council/County Commissioners of the City/County of ________, State of ______________, pursuant to _______________…

  • Statement of Principles on Illegal Possession of Private Property Draft

    Squatting in the United States is the unauthorized use of real estate. Historically, squatting occurred during the settlement of the Midwest when colonial European settlers established land rights and during the California Gold Rush. There was squatting during the Great Depression in Hoovervilles and also during World War II. Shanty towns returned to the US after the …

+ All American City County Exchange Model Policies

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