Key Points
  • Encourage genuine market-based and consumer-oriented health insurance reforms, which simultaneously would control costs, improve quality, and expand access to health care for all Americans through free enterprise.
  • Work to allow state spending to reflect the unique needs of each state and local jurisdiction, and set eligibility standards that reflect state priorities.
  • Regulators and elected officials work to encourage health care sharing ministries to provide health care cost sharing arrangements among persons of similar and sincerely held religious beliefs, administered by not-for-profit religious organizations.
  • Work to encourage furthering an environment that facilitates high quality, low cost healthcare that allows individuals choice, and control over their healthcare needs and expenses.

There has never been a time when both federal and state jurisdictions have been more in control of American’s healthcare than it is today. Implementation of the Affordable Care Act is well in motion, and each state has considered how to address provisions of the federal law as it has been mandated to take effect. At ALEC, we are constantly in search of ways to encourage greater choice, transparency and budget-predictability in our healthcare system. The Health and Human Services (HHS) Task Force seeks Model Policy that will allow decisions about individuals’ health care in the hands of doctors and patients, not government agencies or third party payers.

There is also incredible opportunity to modernize our healthcare system by encouraging greater innovation to providers by way of digital health and health information technology. As we go forward, HHS Task Force objective will work to break down barriers to innovation in our regulatory and legislative environment, allowing cutting edge products and services brought about by investment in science and technology into our models of care. With this, private enterprise will play an even bigger role in how we monitor and access care, whether it is remotely over broadband, in person, or through a digital application. Below are key initiatives we are in pursuit of. Please join us in this discussion; it is a great time to be at ALEC.


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Model Policies

  • Statewide Health Data Utility Act Final

    Section 1. Declaration of Purpose A state health data utility (“HDU”) can help achieve better patient outcomes, improve the overall health and wellbeing of the people of [STATE], and reduce the cost of health care by creating a more seamless, transparent, and modernized approach to sharing health information. This bill…

  • Hospital Price Transparency Act Final

    Section 1: Short Title This Act shall be known and may be cited as the Hospital Price Transparency Act. Section 2: Purpose The purpose of this Act is to require healthcare facilities to disclose prices for certain items and services provided by certain medical facilities; provide administrative penalties; prohibit collective…

  • Pharmacist Prescribing Authority Act Final

    Be it enacted by the legislature of the state: Section 1. Short Title This Act shall be known and may be cited as the Pharmacist Prescribing Authority Act. Section 2. Purpose The purpose of this Act is to authorize pharmacists to practice the full extent of their education and…

  • America’s Missing Foster Children Final

    Section 1. A Photograph is Critical: Waive Fees for State ID Cards A. Fees for state non-operating identification cards do not apply to children in the custody of the department of child protection. B. If an applicant for a non-operating identification license is at least sixteen years…

  • Down Syndrome Organ Transplant Nondiscrimination Act Final

    SECTION 1. This act shall be known and may be cited as the “Down Syndrome Organ Transplant Nondiscrimination Act.” SECTION 2. Legislative findings and declaration of policy. (Insert State) makes the following findings and declaration: (1) A mental or physical disability does not diminish a person’s right…

  • Fundamental Parental Rights Statute Final

    Model Policy Section 1. The liberty interest of a parent in the nurture, education, care, custody, and control of the parent’s child is a fundamental right recognized by the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of ____________. Section 2. No agency or officer of this state nor…

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Health and Human Services

There is no sector of our economy where the hand of government is more evident than in health care. Half…

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