Key Points
  • Budgets: Budget transparency is key to budgetary accountability in local government. Taxpayers should know where their money goes.
  • Tax Reform: Competitive tax and fiscal policies are vital to a community’s future. With the right set of policies in place, lower-tax communities can attract much-needed human and financial capital from higher-tax communities that penalize wealth creation.
  • Regulatory Reform: Virtually every facet of our lives is somehow touched by government regulations. The food, cars drive, work, and even mattresses are regulated by some level of government, often at great cost to the consumer. While safety is paramount, regulations should be transparent, fair, and impose minimal financial burdens on businesses and families.
  • Education: An excellent education has long been recognized as key to the American Dream, however the current system isn’t working. States and local governments are leading the charge on student and community centered education, rather than the propping up the unsustainable systems failing parents and students.
  • Criminal Justice: Local governments play a vital role in implementing criminal justice reform starting with courts & sheriffs. With state and local officials working together, it is possible to reduce recidivism rates and promote community-based alternatives to lengthy jail stays for non-violent offenders.
  • Transportation: Maintaining a functional and healthy infrastructure is one of the cornerstones to economic growth. Local transportation policy should encourage the use of public-private partnerships to build and maintain infrastructure, give localities the flexibility to determine how to best utilize transportation dollars and remove unnecessary burdens to innovation.

While all eyes look to Washington and the state capitals for answers, often times the government closest to home can come up with the best solutions. Local government is a key thread in the fabric of American government, fostering an approach to problem solving that puts communities first. In states with thousands of cities and municipalities, it is impossible for even the state elected officials to have intimate knowledge of each and every one of the vibrant communities that they serve. As such, local decision makers are in a prime position to lead the charge on a variety of issues across the states ranging from budgets, tax reform and regulation reform to education, criminal justice and transportation.


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Model Policies

  • Taxpayer Transparency Act Final

    Be it enacted by the Legislature of the [COUNTY] as follows: Section I. [Chapter] of the Code of [COUNTY] is hereby added as provided hereinafter: TAXPAYER TRANSPARENCY 1 Title. 2 Legislative intent. 3 Definitions. 4 Searchable budget database website created. 5 Updates. 6 Compliance with Act. 7 Electronic public access…

  • Local Taxpayer Protection Act Final

    Be it enacted by the Legislature of [COUNTY] as follows: Section 1. Local Taxpayer Protection Act. (A) Should the annual operating budget result in an increase in property tax levy, adoption by the Legislature shall require a vote of two-thirds of the total Legislature. (B) The…

  • Homelessness Crisis Mitigation Act Final

    Be it enacted by the Legislature of [COUNTY] as follows: Section 1 A new Chapter is hereby added to the Code of [COUNTY] to read as follows: CHAPTER HOMELESS SHELTERS Purpose. The County has a critical interest in maintaining the health, safety, and welfare of its residents. As such, it…

  • Savings Incentive Partnership Program Final

    APPROVAL/LOCAL LAW TO AMEND THE CODE OF [COUNTY] BY ADDING A NEW CHAPTER ENTITLED “SAVINGS INCENTIVE PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM”  Be it enacted by the Legislature of [COUNTY] as follows: Purpose. The purpose of the [COUNTY] Savings Incentive Partnership Program (the “Program”) is to maximize the conservation of County resources for the…

  • The Hope Scholarship Act Final

    Section I – Hope Scholarship Program – Short Title This law shall be known as the “Hope Scholarship Act.” The program created by this act shall be known as the “Hope Scholarship Program.”   Section II. Compulsory Public School Attendance A. A child is exempt from the compulsory…

Task Forces

American City County Exchange

American City County Exchange The American City County Exchange (ACCE) is America’s only non-partisan forum for local government…