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There is no sector of our economy where the hand of government is more evident than in health care. Half of what the nation spends on health care is public money, and this expansion of government involvement comes at the expense of patient control. True consumer choice leads to increased access at lower costs, while encouraging the innovation necessary to meet the growing needs of the nation’s diverse populations — the best health care system is consumer-driven, not government-driven.

The ALEC Health and Human Services Task Force has been a national leader in promoting free-market, pro-patient health care reforms at the state level. Since 2005, 38 states have enacted ALEC HHS model policy.


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  • America’s Missing Foster Children

    Section 1. A Photograph is Critical: Waive Fees for State ID Cards A. Fees for state non-operating identification cards do not apply to children in the custody of the department of child protection. B. If an applicant for a non-operating identification license is at least sixteen years…

  • Down Syndrome Organ Transplant Nondiscrimination Act

    SECTION 1. This act shall be known and may be cited as the “Down Syndrome Organ Transplant Nondiscrimination Act.” SECTION 2. Legislative findings and declaration of policy. (Insert State) makes the following findings and declaration: (1) A mental or physical disability does not diminish a person’s right…

  • Fundamental Parental Rights Statute

    Model Policy Section 1. The liberty interest of a parent in the nurture, education, care, custody, and control of the parent’s child is a fundamental right recognized by the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of ____________. Section 2. No agency or officer of this state nor…

  • Association Health Insurance Standard Model Act

    Section 1. Short Title This Act shall be known and may be cited as the Association Group Health Insurance Act. Section 2. Purpose The purpose of this act is to establish standards for offering group health insurance products through an association. Section 3. Association Groups A. (1) A policy…

  • Confidential Reporting Act

    Part 1: Any person receiving reports under this section or any system being used to input an allegation of suspected child abuse or neglect pursuant to Section ___ shall request and store the following information: a. the specific facts that gave rise to the reasonable suspicion of child…

  • Associate Physician Act

    Section 1: Associate Physicians; Licensure; Applications; Rules; Definitions A. An Associate Physician may practice as an Associate Physician as follows: (1) By providing only primary care services and only in medically underserved rural or urban areas of this state; and (2) Under the terms of an Associate…

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