Homeland Security

ALEC’s Southern Border Educational Workshop

Seeing the challenges and results of America's southern border policy first hand.

Last month, ALEC CEO Lisa B. Nelson and National Chairman, Kansas Senate President Ty Masterson led a contingent of ALEC Board Members from across the nation on an educational workshop at America’s southern border. The group traveled to witness operations at Eagle Pass, Texas, led by former ALEC National Chairman, Texas State Senator Phil King.

They heard from the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Texas Military Department, and others in hope of better understanding what is truly happening at the southern border. They took airboats through contentious sections of the Rio Grande, hiked the shores of Shelby Park, and walked along the walls and razor-wire keeping the inflow at bay. They heard about the people, the drugs, and other potentially hazardous materials illegally entering our country.

ALEC educational workshops like this are vital for legislators as the problems at the border no longer stay at the border. They travel far. Inland. Reaching the capitals, suburbs, and once-isolated towns of each and every state. With them come new problems like additional needs for housing, education, healthcare, and law enforcement.

There was a time, not too long ago, that many states outside of border states like Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California ignored these issues. But that time has gone. Now we are left to deal with the consequences. The first step is understanding what’s happening, how it’s happening, and why it’s happening. All part of ALEC’s continuing commitment to providing members with the best education and experts available so they may stand on the forefront of pressing issues facing the states.

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