Celebrating Black History Month

Since 1976, Americans have celebrated Black History Month every February, highlighting African American achievements and contributions to our nation. As Virginia Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears recently wrote, “As we begin Black History Month, we aim to highlight those who have gone before us, that have helped make us the country we are today.”

At ALEC, we are committed to providing policy solutions for all Americans. We take pride in working side-by-side with state legislators from all walks of life, helping them identify best practices that lead to growth and opportunity. This week, we will highlight several ALEC model policies on economic development and education that do just that.



  • Education Savings Account Act – This model policy expands school choice through the creation of a universal education savings account program that any student in the state can access.
  • Next Generation Charter Schools Act – This model policy is a compilation of the best practices in charter school policy. This includes maximizing the number of authorizing entities for charter schools, eliminating caps on the number of or enrollment in charter schools, and maximizing public accountability of charter schools.