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State Legislator of the Month – WY Rep. Dan Laursen

Thank you, Representative Dan Laursen

Representative Dan Laursen was elected to the Wyoming state House in 2014. Since then he continually provides solutions and sets his legislative priorities for those in Wyoming’s 25th district. A graduate of Wyoming University, Representative Laursen keeps the real interests of those in his state as the priority.

Laursen has been a champion of sound tax and fiscal policy, even when push comes to shove in legislative committees. He stood up against the special interests wanting to drive up the corporate tax rate in Wyoming. This would have made Wyoming less attractive for businesses and individuals. As seen in the newest edition of our annual report, Rich States, Poor States 2018, these types of tax increases are tightly correlated to lower economic prospects and resident migration out of the state. Individuals respond to good or bad economic policy by either moving to or from the state, respectively.

Laursen knows this since he’s an active member of the Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force at the American Legislative Exchange Council (the Council). The Task Force serves to develop and vet the best ideas from his legislative colleagues across the states. Laursen is also a leader in Wyoming, serving as the Council’s Wyoming State Chair.

Since Tax Day is coming up on April 15th, we wanted to make sure to highlight someone this month who is a true tax reformer, fighting for limited government, free markets and federalism. You won’t find a better person with better principles than someone like Representative Dan Laursen.

Congratulations to the April State Legislator of the Month, Representative Dan Laursen. The American Legislative Exchange Council thanks you for your tireless efforts.

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