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Colorado: Colorado’s Budget Shortfall Grows
State expenses are growing faster than revenue.

Delaware: Governor Carney Presents Budget Reset Plan for Fiscal Year 2018
To close a budget gap of $385 million, Governor Carney proposes equal parts spending reductions and revenue increases.

Georgia: Georgia Lawmakers OK state budget with teacher raises
The general assembly passed a budget including pay increases for teachers, child welfare workers and law enforcement.

Florida: State House Ponders Budget Cuts
Legislatures in Florida discuss funding decisions for this fiscal year in light of projected shortfalls in the next two years.

Illinois: “Unbalanced Budget Response Act” Would Allow Rauner to Make Cuts to Balance the Budget
“House Bill 3868, introduced by state Rep. Jim Durkin, R-Western Springs, would allow Gov. Bruce Rauner to reprioritize and cut spending to balance the state’s budget, as the Illinois Constitution requires.”

Iowa: Bipartisanship is Key for Budget
State budget woes are the result of a slowed agricultural sector and tax carve outs.

Kansas: Kansas Facing Stark Choices On State Budget
“Lawmakers came within three votes last month of overriding Brownback’s veto of an income tax bill.”

Kansas: Kansas Lawmakers Advance a 2 Percent Pay Increase for Most State Workers
Despite budget woes, the state legislature is proposing a pay increase for state employees.

Kansas: Gov. Sam Brownback vetoes Medicaid expansion bill

Mississippi: State Agencies Face More Cuts in New Budget
After several mid-year cuts, state agencies are facing cuts yet again.

Montana: Montana Lawmakers Look at Rainy Day Fund for Budget
Legislator and governor at odds about how to create a rainy day fund to help the state weather future budget deficits.

Mississippi: Bryant Orders More Emergency Budget Cuts, Dips Into Savings
Governor relies on the state’s rainy day fund and budget cuts to make up for a fall in state revenue.

New Mexico: Martinez, Lawmakers End Session In Bitter Standoff Over Budget
“Martinez said her administration will consider closing nonessential state services…and might furlough government staff to save money…”

Ohio: 2017 Ohio Piglet Book

This gives “Ohio policymakers’ ideas on ways to restrain the rate of growth in Ohio’s budget while remaining focused on essential services.”

Washington: Democrats Submit State Budget Plan to Fund Education
The plan from Democratic lawmakers to fund education comes from a new 7 percent capital gains tax and an expansion of the state’s sales tax.

Wisconsin: Why a $1 Billion Shortfall Looks Like Progress Under Gov. Scott Walker’s Budget
“Walker took office with a $2.5 billion shortfall that was more than twice as big as this one.”


Arizona: Opinion: Time to Be Accountable
PSPRS liabilities rise as projected returns on investment are missed.

California: Local Lawmaker Calls for State Pension Funds to Divest From “Border Wall” Companies

Connecticut: State Employees Launch Battle Against 96 Bills
Republican and Democratic lawmakers are proposing multiple changes to pensions and other employment benefits.

Illinois: Rauner Promises to Give CPS $215M – If State Lawmakers Change Pension Rules
A bill supported by Gov. Rauner to reform the CPS pension plan fails to pass a key senate committee.

Illinois: Economist: Illinois’ Massive Pension Obligations Separates it From Other States
Illinois pension debt is the main driver of its spending.

Iowa: IPERS Cuts Key Target; Unfunded Pension Liabilities Up $1.3 Billion
Iowa reduced the anticipated rate of returns for its pension system from 7.5 percent to 7 percent and is discussing potential changes, such as switching to a 401(k) style plan.

Kentucky: Oversight Board Studying State Pension Plans
Pension funding issues stem from generous enhancements to the system without addressing funding.

New Jersey: Moody’s Cuts New Jersey’s Credit Rating On Budget, Pension Funding Concerns
“Cutting the rating to A3 from A2 affects approximately $37 billion in debt, Moody’s said in a report Monday.”

New Jersey: S-3040: Question Remains: Who Pays the Tab?  Opinion: Heads They Win, Tails You Lose
Police and fire unions’ power grab sticks New Jersey’s taxpayers with the pension bill.

North Carolina: NC Senate Bill Would End Some Retirement Benefits for New State Workers
Senate Bill 467 would transition new state employees to a defined contribution system.

Ohio: Pension Cuts Looming for Ohio Teachers and Retirees
“STRS Ohio’s expected annual investment return — 7.75 percent — is too rosy, retired teachers are living longer than expected and payroll growth isn’t keeping pace with assumptions.”

Pennsylvania: Senate GOP Readies for Another Shot at the Pension Problem
A bill to transition state pensions to a defined contribution plan has been reintroduced in the legislature.

Texas: City’s Pension Reform Plan Clears First Hurdle in State Senate
The State Affairs Committee approved a bill to reform Houston’s pension system.

Wisconsin: GOP Lawmakers Propose Raising Retirement Age, Altering Pensions For New Public Employees
Legislators introduced a bill to increase the retirement age for public workers.

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