State Your Mind


The solution to a distant, centralized federal government is simple, and ALEC has been pursuing it for years. The states. The truth is issues that so heavily affect every American every day—education, tax reform, criminal justice and the sharing economy we rely on so heavily—are decided at the state level.

Now more than ever, it is time for everyone to make their voices heard. That’s why ALEC is launching the “State Your Mind” campaign. It’s not just an effort to give power back to the states, it’s a movement to give power back to the individual. To you.

State legislators need your help to pass meaningful reforms, and ALEC can be your megaphone. During the Annual Meeting, be sure to stop by the ALEC TV booth to state your mind. We want to hear from you about the change you want to see. Together, and with the help of hardworking state legislators nationwide, we can make limited government a reality across the country.