Alternative Teacher Credentialing Act


The Alternative Teacher Credentialing Act addresses teacher workforce shortages by permitting alternative certification programs not offered by an institution of higher education. Individuals completing such programs will receive an initial teaching license, that can later be converted to a standard teaching license in accordance with state code/regulations, provided that they pass a background check and hold a bachelor’s degree. The State Department of Education is responsible for promulgating rules governing the acceptability of alternative teacher certification programs for purposes of this Act.

Alternative Teacher Credentialing Act

SECTION 1: Definitions

A) “Alternative teacher certification program” means a teacher certification program that is not provided by a public or private institution of higher education and has been approved by the [insert state] Department of Education.


SECTION 2: Alternative Teacher Credentialing

A) The [insert state] Department of Education shall promulgate rules governing the approval or rejection of alternative teacher certification programs that are no more burdensome than as described in this Act. Such rules shall be issued within 60 days of this Act’s effective date.

B) An initial teaching license shall be granted by the [insert state] Department of Education to an applicant who meets all of the following requirements:

  1. The applicant holds a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university;
  2. The applicant passes a background check; and
  3. The applicant has successfully completed an alternative teacher certification program that includes the following:

a. Subject-area content training in the area in which the applicant seeks to be licensed; and

b. Pedagogical training that covers effective instructional delivery, classroom management and organization, assessment, instructional design, and professional learning and leadership.

C) An individual who successfully completes an alternative teacher certification program and who is granted a temporary initial teaching license under this section is authorized to teach the subjects and grade levels corresponding with their completed alternative teacher certification program.

D) The state shall treat an individual who successfully earns an initial teaching license by completing an alternative teacher certification program under this section in the same manner as an individual who completes a traditional teacher preparation program and who receives an initial teaching license, including during the process of converting the initial teaching license to a standard teaching license.