Confidential Reporting Act


This bill would require confidentiality of child abuse reports and require the reporter’s personal information in order to submit a report. It would further establish a legal penalty for someone intentionally providing false information.

Confidential Reporting Act

Part 1:

Any person receiving reports under this section or any system being used to input an allegation of suspected child abuse or neglect pursuant to Section ___ shall request and store the following information:

a. the specific facts that gave rise to the reasonable suspicion of child abuse or neglect and the source or sources of that information; and either

b. if the caller is a mandated reporter, the name, telephone number, and business address of the mandated reporter, and the capacity that makes the person a mandated reporter; or

c. if the caller is not a mandated reporter, the caller’s name, telephone number, and home address. If the person making the referral is unwilling to provide this information, the person receiving the call shall notify them that an anonymous report cannot be filed, but that a report of possible child endangerment can be made when a child is at serious risk of imminent harm by calling an emergency telephone number such as nine-one-one (9-1-1).

Part 2:

Any person receiving reports under this section shall use their best efforts to obtain the name, address, and phone number of the person making the report. In the case of an oral report, such report shall be recorded and the person receiving the report shall announce to the person making the report that the report is being recorded, that the person’s identity shall be kept confidential, and shall inform the reporter of the penalty for making a false report under this section.

Part 3:

Any person who knowingly and intentionally provides false information in association with an unfounded report of child abuse made pursuant to this section shall be guilty of a [type of offense]. Such person shall be fined not more than [two thousand dollars] or imprisoned not more than [one year] or both.