Resolution in Support of H.O.P.E.

Resolution in Support of H.O.P.E.

Resolution in Support of H.O.P.E.


This Resolution recognizes the progress Hawaii’s HOPE program has exhibited in lowering the crime rate amongst probationers. The resolution also supports the program and its success and aims to replicate its results in other states.


WHEREAS, Hawaii’s Circuit Judge Steve Alm started the Hawaii Opportunity Probation with Enforcement (HOPE) program in 2004 in an effort to reduce drug use and crime among those probationers most at risk to commit violations; and

WHEREAS, community supervision programs are a crucial area within the American criminal justice system; and

WHEREAS, the number of adults on probation in 2012 was 4,781,300;[1] and

WHEREAS, the [Insert State Here] is committed to developing effective criminal justice policies that create safe communities for citizens as well as strong state budgets; and

WHEREAS, the current probation system has proven to be ineffective in that nearly 40% of probationers across the nation fail to successfully complete probation; and

WHEREAS, spending on corrections has been a leading factor in rising state budgets for 15 years; and

WHEREAS, by notifying probationers that violations will be dealt with swiftly and surely, by conducting frequent random drug tests, issuing swift and certain sanctions for every violation, and by administering drug treatments to those who need it, the HOPE program has experienced unprecedented success; and

WHEREAS, studies have shown HOPE probationers to be 53% less likely to have their probation revoked, and 61% less likely to miss appointments with probation officers;[2] and

WHEREAS, HOPE probationers have proven to be 72% less likely to use drugs, and 55% less likely to be arrested for a new crime;[3]

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that [Insert State Here] supports the HOPE program and its success, and recommends that actions be taken which will replicate its remarkable results in other jurisdictions.

Approved by the ALEC Board of Directors, September 20, 2010.

Reapproved by the ALEC Board of Directors July 1, 2014.

Re-Approved By the ALEC Board of Directors: September 3, 2019