Resolution in Support of State Carbon Dioxide Pipeline Corridors


The resolution calls upon states to ask the federal government to build a corridor of carbon dioxide pipelines. In order to have carbon capture and sequestration for power plants, pipelines transporting carbon dioxide emissions would be needed. Currently, the federal government approves permitting of pipelines through the federal energy regulatory commission. So far, Wyoming is the only state to have done applied to build CO2 pipelines and the state is waiting on approval from the federal government.

Resolution in Support of State Carbon Dioxide Pipeline Corridors

WHEREAS, states know best how to steward their environment and natural resources, and

WHEREAS, pipelines are needed to transport carbon dioxide from natural domes and anthropogenic sources to oil fields, and

WHEREAS, over five thousand miles of carbon dioxide pipelines have been built in the United States for the purposes of enhanced oil recovery and other economic purposes, and

WHEREAS, advances in oil extraction and carbon capture technology may drive millions of barrels of oil production each year which will require robust development of additional carbon dioxide pipelines, and

WHEREAS, delays in federal permitting stymie investments in projects that would lead to rural economic development, creation of good jobs, and increasingly clean electricity generation, and

WHEREAS, the state of Wyoming has initiated a process with the federal government to pre-permit over 1,000 miles of “carbon dioxide pipeline corridors” to reduce the regulatory burden on prospective developers, and

WHEREAS, the Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative began in 2014 and is still awaiting federal approval

WHEREAS, no other state has initiated a similar process.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the State of [NAME] directs [STATE AGENCY] to identify carbon dioxide pipeline corridors and develop a plan to implement a “[STATE] Pipeline Corridor Initiate.”