Resolution Supporting Homeschooling Freedom


The Resolution Supporting Homeschooling Freedom supports the right of parents to homeschool without undue regulatory burdens or intrusions from the state.

Resolution Supporting Homeschooling Freedom

Whereas: It is the fundamental right of a parent to direct the upbringing, education and care of his or her child.

Whereas: This right to direct the education of a child can be exercised in multiple choices including public, private or homeschooling.

Whereas: Every child has unique abilities and challenges regarding how they learn. And every child has unique interests, passions and goals for their adult life.

Whereas: There are multiple learning styles and ways to teach children based on their learning styles, interests, and life goals.

Whereas: No single form of education can meet the needs of all students, children or families.

Whereas: The lower a student-to-teacher ratio is, the greater the ability to individualize education for an individual student becomes.

Whereas: Homeschooling as a system has profound flexibility in how education is delivered to a student to customize and individualize the education to the learning style, interests and life goals of that student.

Whereas: No teacher or institution can know or love a child more than his or her own parent.

Whereas: Homeschooled students have shown above-average results in test scores and college performance.

Therefore: Be is resolved that the Public Policy of [XXX] State support the right of parents to home educate their children. Be it resolved that the freedom of educational choice will lead to the best outcome for each individual student. Be it further resolved that this policy will be the least restrictive means possible.