Resolution Urging Congress to Support Allowing Twin 33-Foot Trailers on American Highways


This resolution is in support of allowing twin 33-foot trailers on highways.

Resolution Urging Congress to Support Allowing Twin 33-Foot Trailers on American Highways

Whereas, there is a need to modernize regulations in trucking that will advance America’s transportation system, improve roadway conditions and improve the reliability and efficiency of deliveries in interstate commerce, ultimately growing the economy; and

Whereas, more than 122.5 million households and 7.5 million businesses in the U.S. depend on trucking to deliver goods and materials as the demand for e-commerce rises and while there is an increasing nationwide shortage of truck drivers;

Whereas, 33-foot twin trailer trucks are already allowed in 20 states, and increasing the national twin trailer standard from 28 feet to 33 feet is a commonsense solution that will bring meaningful benefits nationwide;

Whereas, twin 33’ trailers will reduce the impact on roads and bridges, improve safety, and reduce congestion.  Twin 33’ trailers will mean fewer trucks on the road, result in 3.1 billion fewer vehicle miles traveled annually, result in 4,500 fewer truck accidents annually, and will save 53.2 million hours due to less congestion; and

Whereas, twin 33’ trailers increase the capacity per delivery by more than 18 percent, allowing consumers and businesses to realize $2.6 billion annually in lower shipping costs and quicker delivery times; and

Whereas, the efficiency gains from the adoption of twin 33’ trailers would equate to 255 million fewer gallons of fuel and 2.9 million fewer tons of CO2 emissions; and

Whereas, adding five feet to the existing 28-foot twin trailers will not exceed the current federal weight limit, and regulations will not change where twin trailers operate on the national road network, thus they will only ever travel on national highways where twin 28-foot trailers currently operate; and

Whereas, this solution comes at no cost to the federal government or taxpayers and will help keep the economy growing; now

Therefore be it resolved, that ALEC urges Congress of the United States to modernize trucking equipment standards and allow twin 33-foot trailers on American highways to replace the past federal standard of 28-foot trailers;

Be it further resolved, that upon adoption, an official copy of this Resolution be prepared and presented to the Chairman and Ranking members, and all other members of the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee.