Virtually Administered Assessments Act

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The Virtually Administered Assessments Act allows for virtual schools to virtually administer any required state assessments.

Virtually Administered Assessments Act

Section 1. Definitions.

A. “Virtual school” means a virtual school or program operating in this state pursuant to [insert statutory reference].

B. “Student” means a student who is enrolled in a virtual school on a full-time basis.

C. “Assessment proctor” is any individual who is responsible for administering assessments for the virtual school and verifying that they were properly submitted.

Section 2. Virtually Administered State Assessments Permitted.

A. A virtual school may administer any state assessments required under [insert statutory reference] in a virtual setting that aligns with the student’s regular academic instruction, provided that the following conditions are met:

  1. The student takes the assessment on an assigned date and at an assigned time;
  2. The student takes the assessment during a synchronous assessment session initiated and managed by the virtual school;
  3. The student and his or her background are monitored by the assessment proctor through video for the duration of the assessment’s administration;
  4. The student does not exit the synchronous assessment session until instructed to do so by the assessment proctor; and
  5. The assessment’s submission is verified by the assessment proctor.