Amy Kjose Anderson



Amy Anderson managed the ALEC Task Force on Civil Justice and counsels state legislators across the country considering lawsuit reform. She is a strong believer in fostering appropriate incentives in legal systems to support healthy economic markets.

Amy drove the development of innovative model lawsuit reform policy and brings together state legislators, litigators, top legal minds, academics and business leaders to brainstorm fair-minded solutions that moderate excess in state legal systems. Amy’s inquiring mind and commitment to finding common ground has facilitated the development of a plethora of reasonable and effective policy solutions at ALEC.

With a degree from Johns Hopkins University and the perspective of a non-attorney, Amy has a knack for translating complex legalese into common-sense policy and has presented in state houses and at policy conferences around the country.

Amy considers herself a thinker who is always willing to consider both sides of the coin. When not debating liability excesses, she spends her time exploring the culinary arts, committing to sometimes daunting do-it-yourself projects and embracing the humor in life.

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