Ben Wilterdink

Director, Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development



Ben Wilterdink directs the ALEC Task Force on Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development, where he coordinates the three annual ALEC meetings and connects policymakers with industry and policy experts. Ben also conducts research on issues ranging from labor and business regulations to financial services and transportation. The focus of his research and analysis is always on advancing the cause of economic freedom so that individuals can truly pursue their dreams and thrive.

Prior to his current role, Ben was the Research Manager for the Center for State Fiscal Reform at ALEC. Ben studied and wrote about policies that promote transparency and increase economic competitiveness at the state and local level. Some of his past research includes working on the annual ALEC publication Rich States, Poor States: State Economic Competitiveness Index; The Effect of State Taxes on Charitable Giving; Tax Cronyism: Favoritism and Foregone Growth; and various other ALEC publications.

Ben has testified on various tax and economic policy issues before a variety of state legislatures, and his writing has been featured in Forbes, RealClearPolicy, PublicSectorInc and many other publications.

When he’s not reading economic papers or planning meetings, Ben enjoys watching political and historical documentaries and discussing philosophy while sipping bourbon or scotch. He can also be found trying different coffee shops on his quest to find the best coffee in DC.

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