Edward Longe

Director of the Center for Technology and Innovation at James Madison Institute



Edward Longe currently serves as the Director of the Center for Technology and Innovation at the James Madison Institute. As Director, Edward promotes free market policies that will allow Floridians to reap the countless social and economic benefits that tech and innovation can offer. His policy work is guided by a steadfast belief that the principles of limited government, free markets, and individual freedoms produce the best outcomes. Edward’s work has been featured in Real Clear Policy, The Hill, and The Washington Examiner.

Before joining JMI in September 2022, he worked at the American Consumer Institute as a Policy Manager with a diverse policy portfolio that focused on tech and innovation but also included antitrust, healthcare, labor, tobacco harm reduction, and transport.

Edward is finishing a doctoral degree in American History at Marquette University and graduated from the College of Charleston in 2017 with a master’s degree in American History. His research explores how anticommunism affected U.S. Foreign Relations during the early Cold War. He has also studied at the University of Chester (U.K.) and The University of Vermont, where he studied History and Political Science.

Edward lives with his wife and dog in Arlington, Virginia. Outside of his policy work, Edward enjoys getting out of Northern Virginia, visiting new places, and reading.

Task Force Memberships

  • Communications and Technology - Private Chair