Garland McCoy

President, Technology Education Institute at Technology Education Institute



Garland McCoy has over 30 years experience in technology, communications, Internet and electricity network/grid architecture, cyber-physical security, and policy. Most recently he presented his paper on cybersecurity in networked ICS (industrial control systems) at the DHS ICS-JWG (joint working group) conference in Pittsburg.  He is a member of the Department of State’s Advisory Committee on International Communications and Information Policy (ACICIP) and participant in the Department of State’s Digital Economy Officers Training Program. In addition to running TEI, Mr. McCoy’s past and present clients include; Edison Electric Institute (EEI), Cisco, Visa, Verizon, and The Walt Disney Company. Under Mr. McCoy’s leadership, TEI has hosted workshops over the past decade at the UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF). He has participated in Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rulemaking proceedings and hosts technology education tours for policy makers, government agency staff, and embassy officials to data centers, Network Operations Centers (NOCs) and Global Peering centers to help them understand the complexity of issues surrounding the Internet. He is a Senior Principle, Global Cyber Risk, LLC, and most recently was retained by EEI to advise on the emerging Internet connected grid brought about by the arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT) and (IIoT) industrial Internet of Things. Mr. McCoy has spent his career addressing complex network policy and security problems and providing domestic and global policy makers, regulators, and staff with the background knowledge necessary for them to assess policy, security, and regulatory options in the Internet governance, communications, cybersecurity and electricity space.