Lisa Bowen

Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President of Operations and Administration


For almost a decade, Lisa Bowen has driven the Finance and Administration of ALEC. As Chief Financial Officer, Lisa has been charged with strengthening and aligning the administrative and financial functions with one of the organization’s core missions of transparency. Lisa’s love for problem solving and detective instinct ensures the financial and regulatory compliance is timely, accurate and transparent.

Lisa has dedicated much of her career to the nonprofit sector, working as an auditor and tax accountant for a public accounting firm and then as a senior accountant for the National Osteoporosis Foundation. In each role she assisted in the design and implementation of new systems to strengthen internal controls, financial reporting practices and budget implementation.

As a dedicated wife, mother of two small children and a puppy, Lisa finds much of her time consumed by chasing precious little spirits about and instilling thoughts of free markets and individual liberty at an early age into the minds of the easily influenced.