Tag: HHS Task Force

Tag: HHS Task Force

  • Relative Search Act image

    Relative Search Act

    Relative Search Act Section 1 If a child is taken into custody, the Department shall conduct a diligent search for adult relatives of the child and…

  • Family Stability Act image

    Family Stability Act

    Family Stability Act The Department shall place a child in the least restrictive type of placement available, consistent with the best interests of the child. The order for…

  • Maryland’s Experiment with Global Budget Revenue image

    Maryland’s Experiment with Global Budget Revenue

    In 2014, Maryland phased out a Medicare fee-for-service payment system in favor of a Global Budget Revenue system. In the other forty-nine states, hospitals are paid using fee-for-service, which results…

  • First Responder Immunity Act image

    First Responder Immunity Act

    Section 1. (1)  In this section: (a)  “Department” means [insert agency responsible for EMS in the state]. (b)  “Fire fighter” means any person employed by the state or any political…

  • Suicide Prevention in Higher Education Resolution image

    Suicide Prevention in Higher Education Resolution

    WHEREAS, Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college and university students; WHEREAS, The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention’s research strategy for reducing national suicide rates by…

  • New Technologies Can Help States Fight Opioid Abuse image

    New Technologies Can Help States Fight Opioid Abuse

    The Ohio Legislature is also currently considering such a measure. If passing these bills is successful, physicians will gain greater authority to prescribe what they see as the best treatment for the individual, specifically those who are at higher-risk for drug abuse than other patients.

  • Freestanding Emergency Centers image

    Freestanding Emergency Centers

    Freestanding emergency centers (FECs) could transform emergency healthcare services in the United States. Due to overcrowded waiting rooms, long wait times, inefficient processes and below-average customer service, emergency room visits…

  • Healthcare Cost Transparency image

    Healthcare Cost Transparency

    In the discussion on prescription drug pricing, the topic of transparency has been gaining traction in both state legislatures and in the media as the primary cause for the high…