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In the News

Education Freedom Alliance Co-Chair Gov. Doug Ducey on The Hugh Hewitt Show

Former Arizona Governor Doug Ducey called into the Hugh Hewitt Show to discuss the Education Freedom Alliance; a coalition he co-chairs with Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and led by…
Lars Dalseide
In the News

Education Freedom Momentum in 2024: Lisa B. Nelson on The Hugh Hewitt Show

ALEC CEO Lisa B. Nelson joined the The Hugh Hewitt Show today to discuss the universal education freedom movement that is spreading across the states with the help of…
Lisa B. Nelson
Tax Reform

ALEC Legislator Letter: Permanently Extending the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

To: 118th United States Congress From: The American Legislative Exchange Council and Members of the State Legislatures Dear Members of the 118th United States Congress On December 31, 2025, several key provisions of the Tax…
2017 tax cuts and jobs act
Tax Reform

Discriminatory Taxes Fueled the Whiskey Rebellion. They Remain Bad Tax Policy Today: Jonathan Williams on American Radio Journal

In his latest American Radio Journal commentary, ALEC EVP of Policy and Chief Economist Jonathan Williams explained the problems with discriminatory taxes. In day-to-day life there are some taxes that everyone is familiar…
Jonathan Williams