50 Years of Trusted Policy Solutions

Lee Schalk, Gretchen Baldau, Nick Stark, Nino Marchese, Karla Jones & Andrew Handel
50th Series
Pension Reform

Unaccountable and Unaffordable, 7th Edition

Jonathan Williams, Thomas Savidge, Lee Schalk & Nick Stark
Communications and Technology

A Free-Market Roadmap to Artificial Intelligence: ALEC Comment on the NTIA’s AI Accountability Policy

Jake Morabito

Rich States, Poor States 16th Edition

Jonathan Williams, Dr. Arthur B. Laffer & Stephen Moore

Essential Policy Solutions for 2023

ALEC Policy Team
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How Medicaid Cuts Would Impact State Budgets: Brooklyn Roberts on Newstalk STL

Brooklyn Roberts, senior director of the Health and Human Services Task Force, spoke with Tim Jones and Chris Arps on Newstalk STL about a…
Brooklyn Roberts
State Budgets

States Created the Federal Government, Not the Other Way Around: Lee Schalk on The Voice of Reason

Lee Schalk, ALEC Vice President of Policy, spoke with Andy Hooser on The Voice of Reason to discuss 2024 priorities for state legislators regarding state budgets, school choice, AI,…
Lee Schalk

New ALEC Regulatory Comment: More Options Equal Better Health Care

In a 1999 Executive Order, then President Bill Clinton said, “One-size-fits-all approaches the public policy problems can inhibit the creation of effective solutions to those problems.” Federal vs. state authority is a constant battle…
Brooklyn Roberts

Another Blow to Sensible Energy Policy: President Biden and Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve

Last week, the Biden Administration struck another blow against sensible energy policy by cancelling seven oil and gas leases in Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve (NPR-A) using executive regulatory actions. Claiming authority to cancel and suspend…
Joe Trotter