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ALEC Policy Champions Safeguard American Votes in Five States

It is my profound privilege to congratulate ALEC’s latest Policy Champions for their successful efforts to safeguard American votes and elections by prohibiting ranked choice voting (RCV) in their states: Alabama Senator Arthur Orr,…
Karla Jones
State Budgets

‘Blue’ States Make Fiscal Progress: Jonathan Williams on American Radio Journal

In his latest American Radio Journal commentary, ALEC EVP of Policy and Chief Economist Jonathan Williams discussed recent tax cuts in Connecticut and Hawaii, highlighting their positive impact on individuals and businesses. He…
Jonathan Williams

Myths vs. Facts: Electrification and Carbon Emissions

In the quest for a “greener” future, politicians are increasingly mythologizing electrification as a solution to combat climate emissions. While they tout electrifying heating systems as a significant step towards reducing carbon emissions over traditional…
Joe Trotter
In the News

Biden’s Pledge To Let Trump’s Tax Cuts Die Has Stirred Up A Hornet’s Nest: Jonathan Williams & Lee Schalk in The Daily Caller

Jonathan Williams, ALEC Executive Vice President of Policy and Chief Economist, and Lee Schalk, ALEC Vice President of Policy, write in their latest op-ed for the Daily…
Jonathan Williams & Lee Schalk