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International Relations

Speaker Pelosi’s Visit to Taipei Telegraphs Congressional Support for Taiwan’s Sovereignty

By Karla Jones, Senior Task Force Director, Task Force on International Relations and Federalism After days of speculation, Speaker Nancy Pelosi landed at Songshan Airport in Taipei on Tuesday – the first Speaker of the…
Karla Jones
In the News

ALEC on CBS 8 San Diego: More California Companies Expanding in Other States

Last week, ALEC Vice President of Policy Lee Schalk appeared on CBS 8 San Diego to discuss the trend of businesses leaving California. “I think it’s very telling that California, from 2020 to 2021,…
Lee Schalk

ALEC Education & Workforce Task Force Newest Model Policies

Andrew Handel, the ALEC Education and Workforce Task Force Director, stopped by the ALEC TV studio at the ALEC 9th Annual Meeting in Atlanta to share an update on new model policies coming out of…

Virginia Lab Schools Provide More Choice for K-12 Students

When Governor Glenn Youngkin signed the Virginia State Budget on June 21, he celebrated new opportunities for students and families, including the creation of “lab schools.” Lab schools are K-12 schools founded by public…
Rose Laoutaris & Andrew Handel