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Top Ranked Governors Win Big in Mid-term Elections: ALEC on NTD News

Lee Schalk, ALEC VP of Policy, joined NTD News to talk about the big re-election victories of top-ranked Laffer-ALEC governors in the mid-term elections . Host: Governors who scored in the top ten on…
Lee Schalk
In the News

ALEC Weighs in on The Illinois’ Workers’ Right Amendment: The Center Square

ALEC Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force Director, Gretchen Baldau, weighed in on Amendment One in Illinois in The Center Square. Opponents of the measure point out that private-sector workers would be required to…
Gretchen Baldau
Right to Work
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Governors Rated Most Conservative Easily Won Reelection: ALEC in Fox News

All the country’s top conservative governors were easily reelected in midterm elections that overall did not go as well as Republicans hoped. Governors Kristi Noem of South Dakota, Ron DeSantis of Florida,…
laffer-ALEC report on economic freedom
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Free Markets are the Reason America Dominates Tech Innovation: ALEC on Voice of Reason Radio

ALEC’s Task Force Director of Communications and Technology, Jake Morabito, spoke on Voice of Reason Radio with host Andy Hooser. Morabito discussed ALEC’s new report: A Threat to American Tech Innovation: The European…
Jake Morabito