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In the News

State Economic Turnarounds: Jonathan Williams on iSpy Radio

ALEC Executive Vice President of Policy and Chief Economist, Jonathan Williams, was featured on iSpy Radio to discuss recent actions across the states promoting economic growth despite challenges in…
Jonathan Williams
Tax Reform

Follow the Money: How Wealth and People are Relocating Around the US

The migration of Americans around the United States is one of the key indicators of state economic health. When people are moving into a state, economic growth often follows. Those people will shop at local…
Joshua Meyer
In the News

The GOP Platform Calls for ‘Universal School Choice.’ What Would That Mean for Students?: Lisa B. Nelson in The Associated Press

In a recent interview with The Associated Press, ALEC CEO Lisa B. Nelson lauded the inclusion of universal school choice in the Republican National Committee’s new platform. The new platform, which…
Lisa B. Nelson

ALEC Policy Champions: West Virginia Del. Michael Hornby and Sen. Michael Azinger Preserve Health Care Freedom

ALEC is honored to recognize policy champions who not only embody the ALEC principles of free markets, federalism, and limited government, but who also advance principled policy solutions in their states. Today, we recognize…
Brooklyn Roberts