A Drink to Our Freedom

“I, Whiskey: The Human Spirit” Review

During the mandate to prohibit alcoholic beverages in the United States under the 18th Amendment in 1920, it is unlikely that anyone could publicly say, “Connecting buyers and sellers, whiskey shows us, how people create value for each other,” as said in the recent short-film (eight minutes), “I, Whiskey: The Human Spirit.” While narrating whiskey’s rich history and culture, however, the film reminds watchers that America has realized the importance of free markets and civil society in the past.

As explained in the film, innovation allows people to come together. While highlighting the diversity and beauty in concocting quality whiskey, the film shows how drinks come from various processes of creativity. Starting from toasting wood to branding labels and making glass, companies and individuals must not only compete intensely but cooperate together to make the best product. When customers are finally enjoying their drinks, the film shows how they are really profiting from the system of freedom.

Through innovation, the film creatively visualizes the importance of free markets. When the government promotes a society where markets freely share information about quality, price and value, the taste of our drinks improve. In the film, viewers can realize that the whiskey is a metaphor for life. Within the same thoughtful logic used to describe whiskey, the film shows how promoting individuals and freedom improve our livelihoods.

Like any good film, “I, Whiskey: The Human Spirit” focuses on a human narrative beyond its topic. It nuances and adds value to a drink that many people take for granted. After watching the film, you are unlikely to see whiskey the same way. This may not be surprising for some—after all, “There’s more to whiskey than what is in the glass.”

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