A Tribute to Whitney Ball


Supporters of free markets, limited government and federalism lost a spirited champion this week. Whitney Ball, the inspiring president and CEO of DonorsTrust, is at rest after an ongoing battle with cancer. A dear friend to many advocates of individual freedom and economic liberty, Ball helped found the Philanthropy Roundtable as a means for successful Americans to use the fruits of their economic successes to advance liberty, opportunity and personal responsibility in America and abroad. In so doing, she helped provide the framework that has given opportunities for better lives to countless people for whom the American Dream might have otherwise remained an idle musing held only in pillows.

In building on her experience and strong commitment to constitutional conservatism through DonorsTrust, Ball endowed many a charitable patriot with the peace of mind of knowing their alms would go only to their cherished causes. As a result, she inspired an explosion of charity that continues to reverberate around the country and the world as ever more people reach beyond themselves to empower new generations to succeed and fight for future progress.

Ball’s indomitable courage and passion will be dearly missed, but her dream of liberty and opportunity for all will live in those who continue her legacy. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and loved ones, and our resolve to fight for freedom will be an unyielding tribute to her life.