VIDEO: ALEC Celebrates Women’s History Month

Women are paving the way in state legislatures across the country, bringing a fresh perspective to the table on limited government, free markets and federalism. The ALEC Women’s Legislative Caucus is an opportunity to bring women together from all 50 states to discuss these issues. ALEC encourages more women to get involved in their communities in any way they see fit in order to bring more diverse opinions to policy conversations across the nation—whether that’s on the school board or senate.

One neat aspect of ALEC is the Women’s Legislative Caucus. While each legislator’s opinion is equally valued, the ALEC Women’s Legislative Caucus gives female legislators the opportunity to discuss issues that drove them to get involved in their state legislatures in the first place. For Arizona Senator Debbie Lesko, it’s the passion she has for advocating on behalf of women who are survivors of domestic abuse. For Wisconsin Senator Leah Vukmir, it was the way her daughter’s education was being handled and her drive for improving this. Whatever the issue, the ALEC Women’s Legislative Caucus allows for a dialogue on issues surrounding women and a way to continually incorporate diverse perspectives on every issue.