ALEC CEO Lisa B. Nelson Speaks at Conservative Women’s Network


ALEC CEO Lisa B. Nelson spoke at the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute’s Conservative Women’s Network on Friday at The Heritage Foundation. Below is the video of her speech.

A few highlights from her talk:

  • Now is a historic moment for conservative women in politics. There are more women holding public office, both on the state and federal level, than any other time in our nation’s history.
  • We are seeing a rising tide of free-market policies sweep across the 50 states.
  • As ALEC has documented in its yearly Tax Cut Roundup publication, states all across the country, both red and blue, are cutting taxes and giving their citizens more economic opportunity by allowing them to keep more of their hard-earned tax dollars.
  • In the area of education, bipartisan support for school choice is giving children around the country their first chance at a quality education.
  • States are reforming old, ambiguous laws that make criminals out of ordinary citizens. By prioritizing prison cells for violent criminals, states are making their communities safer and keeping their budgets in tact. The ALEC Safety Valve model policy offers a solution to the prison-overcrowding problem in America.
  • The message is clear: Americans want a government that is efficient, effective and accountable. This can only be accomplished if the government allows its citizens and businesses to be free from overregulation, burdensome tax codes, and runaway government spending.