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ALEC in Cowboy State Daily: How Wyoming Has Kept Electricity Prices Low

When the government inserts itself into the energy markets, taxpayers foot the bill.

ALEC Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force Director Joe Trotter spoke with the Wymoming news outlet Cowboy State Daily to share highlights from the ALEC Energy Affordability Report, 2nd Edition.

Wyoming is among the states without renewable energy mandates and “cap-and-trade” programs that correlate with high energy costs.

States with such policies have much higher electricity rates than those without, according to a new study by American Legislative Exchange Council, a conservative nonprofit.

Wyoming, which has neither of the policies, remains among the states with the lowest electricity rates, the report says.

Unlike its 2021 study, this year’s “Energy Affordability Report” also examines how much consumers pay for gasoline. Wyoming was the highest among the states, owing to high annual miles Wyomingites drive.

The result of such policies is predictable, the report concludes.

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