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ALEC in the New York Sun: Biden Administration Moves Quickly To Counter Elon Musk’s Commitment to Free Speech

Government control of speech and intimidation of those who would threaten that control are the true dangers to free speech.


Jonathan Hauenschild

Monday, May 2, 2022


The political left and its allies in government have exposed themselves as opponents to free speech. They hate the idea that a popular social media company may allow unfiltered political debate on controversial topics. Putting aside the inane social media meltdown about Mr. Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, it is clear that governmental efforts to quash debate and speech online are the single biggest threat to free speech today.

Suppression and removal of content, account suspensions, or other losses of privileges imposed by private companies are problematic. The government, though, can impose fines or imprisonment for failure to comply with rules. The use of the government’s authority is dangerous to life and liberty when used to stifle speech.

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