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ALEC in the Wall Street Journal: New York liberals still struggle to explain why they’re moving to more conservative states

Let’s hope that more New Yorkers and even former New Yorkers will appreciate—and even admit—that one-party progressive rule has not led to gentle and affordable living.

Timesman to Tarheel

Wall Street Journal
James Freeman
July 21, 2022 4:39 pm ET

There’s been an entertaining media campaign to explain heavy migration from blue states to places like Texas and Florida in ways that do not highlight low taxes and competent governance. It sometimes seems as if the first rule of California flight club is: Do not talk about limited government. Now the New York Times offers what may be a fresh contribution to the genre with an essay by an opinion writer who has made his way to North Carolina. Can you guess why?


In April the American Legislative Exchange Council released its latest economic competitiveness ranking and noted: North Carolina has now achieved its best ranking to date, landing at 2nd overall for economic outlook. Since the passage of historic tax reform in 2013 when the state ranked 22nd, North Carolina has continued to lower taxes and foster economic growth.

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