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ALEC on American Family News: Americans Struggling Under Weight of Inflation

The American people are struggling under the weight of Washington's big government policies that have created this crisis.

Lee Schalk, ALEC’s Vice President of Policy, was on American Family News speaking about the September Consumer Price Index report and President Joe Biden’s claim inflation will be “much worse” if Republicans win the midterm elections.

Biden claimed the GOP would only make things worse by getting rid of the Inflation Reduction Act and all the “savings” it means for Americans, and that if Republicans win midterms, inflation is going to get worse. Schalk says this is consistent with the president’s mistaken view of inflation.

“President Biden knows that this is going to have ramifications for the midterm elections,” Schalk said. “Because at the end of the day, it’s the American people who are struggling under the weight of his policies and the big government policies of Washington that have created this crisis.”

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