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ALEC on NewsNet TV: Bad Signs at Summit of the Americas

President Joe Biden's message raises concern among critics at this year's Summit of the Americas

Thursday, June 9th 2022,
By Frank McCaffrey

Senior Director of the ALEC Task Forces on International Relations on Federalism, Karla Jones, was featured in a NewsNet story providing expert analysis of  President Joe Biden’s directive at the annual Summit of the Americas.

The President and First Lady hosted a dinner Thursday night at the Summit of the America’s. The three-day event was said to be focused on “Building a Sustainable, Resilient, and Equitable Future” for our hemisphere. But critics are pointing at what they see as bad signs at the event.

“One of the things he focused on, democracy for example. And that’s something that’s eroding globally and also eroding in our hemisphere. And, if you can strengthen the rule of law throughout Latin America, but especially in Central America and Mexico, you’re going to at least reduce the problem with migrants wanting to come to our border,: explained Karla Jones of the American Legislative Exchange Council.

But, at the same time, Jones says it will do nothing for the president’s lagging approval ratings.

“Because the vast majority of Americans don’t really pay attention to what’s going on in the world,” she told us.

With immigration still a hot topic and still very much haunting the Biden administration, it must be noted that the three nations that make up the Northern Triangle in Central America as well as Mexico refused to attend. The president has been addressing the immigration issue at the event.

And that’s one reason Jones believes the leaders of Northern Triangle nations and Mexico issued what she called “a protest vote” by not showing up, and she believes  there’s another reason the four nations did not answer the call to show up. She noted the president’s approval ratings are down.

“If Biden were incredibly popular, they wouldn’t be doing this. They wouldn’t feel that it would be wise to tick off the President of the United States. So that’s where his polling numbers and this summit intersect.”

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