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ALEC on NTD News: No-Knock Raids Twice as Likely to Lead to Officers Injuries, Deaths

In this realm, the potential for conflict is high.

Nino Marchese, ALEC Criminal Justice Task Force Director and author of the new report, No-Knock Raids: Examining the Risk, Controversy and Constitutionality,  spoke with NTD News about his report and highlights how no-knock warrants threaten the safety of police and civilians.

The potential for unnecessary violent conflict with these raids, when police don’t knock and announce their presence and then enter someone’s home, especially late at night with the intention of the element of surprise, is high. People don’t know who’s coming into their homes and they’re reasonably mistaking them for criminal intruders.

You have two opposing forces, the law justly and constitutionally exercising their process and then also the civilians who are presumed innocent. Police officers, unfortunately, they’re being harmed because of these situations.

People are mistaking police for being criminals and deciding to protect themselves and their lives. And police officers are responding appropriately by executing their warrants and also defending themselves in those dangerous situations.

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