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Orange tree in a filed
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ALEC on RFD-TV: Issues facing TX citrus continue to compound

Rising prices and inflation are challenging the Texas citrus industry as it recovers from 2021 winter freezes.

Friday, June 10th 2022
By: James Ferguson

ALEC’s Energy, Environment, and Agriculture Task Force Director, Joe Trotter, was featured on a RFD-TV story about inflation and how it is affecting the Texas citrus industry.

As the Texas citrus industry rebounds after tough times, President Joe Biden is promoting his three point strategy to combat inflation in the US during a period he calls “historic economic recovery.”

First, allow independence at the Fed.

Second, take steps to drop prices.

Third, reduce federal deficit.

A critic of the plan, Joe Trotter of the American Legislative Exchange Council, says inflation is hammering citrus producers in Texas on all levels. “With higher fuel prices, you are seeing an increase in costs across the entire industry; from the production to shipping, all of that is lining up with higher prices on store shelves. That, in turn, is also driving up inflation as food costs increase. The industry lost about $230 million in the freeze and this is just making their lives even harder.”

Many of these citrus producers in Texas are still recovering from the early 2021 freeze and many of these orchids will never recover. The question is, how much will inflation compound the problems they already have?

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