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ALEC Releases New State Factor on Recidivism Reduction Practices

Recidivism-Reduction-coverOne in every 100 American adults is behind bars, and four in ten of those released end up back behind bars within three years. America’s failing criminal justice system costs federal, state and local governments over $80 billion every year, yet does not deliver adequate public safety results for taxpayers and victims. In addition to the enormous budgetary costs, our current criminal justice system places tremendous human costs on society in the form of broken families, unnecessarily interrupted lives and permanent criminal records.

Today, ALEC released its latest State Factor, “Recidivism Reduction: Community-Based Supervision Alternatives to Incarceration.” The short paper outlines how the ALEC Recidivism Reduction Act implements the commonsense principle of funding the programs that work and defunding those that fail to safely reduce both the number of offenders in prison and those being sent back for violating the terms of their supervision.

As criminal justice reform is discussed throughout the states, “Recidivism Reduction: Community-Based Supervision Alternatives to Incarceration” outlines evidence-based practices that achieve the most public safety per taxpayer dollar. The paper highlights the efforts and results of states such as Oregon, Hawaii and South Carolina to implement research-backed practices and programs and encourages criminal justice reform providing for accountability, transparency and results.

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The American Legislative Exchange Council is proud to be a leader on criminal justice reform. For over a decade, the ALEC task force on criminal justice has brought state legislators and stakeholders together for the purpose of driving sound criminal justice policies. ALEC members focus on new and innovative state…

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