Privacy and Security

Anna Parsons in The Hill

Facial recognition technology could increase safety and security in schools

In her latest piece in The Hill, ALEC Policy Coordinator Anna Parsons writes that a ban of facial recognition technology in schools would be bad policy.

The case of Lockport City School District’s use of facial recognition technology is extreme. But, a blanket ban on the use of this technology in all schools in New York halts creativity and positive new uses of an emerging technology that could keep students and school staff safe and more secure.

Read the complete op-ed in The Hill.

In Depth: Privacy and Security

A market environment is essential for future success of the Internet. A consumer and private-sector-driven approach to privacy via self-regulation avoids undue regulatory burden that would threaten a thriving electronic marketplace. The Internet has flourished due in large part to the unregulated environment in which it has developed and grown.

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