State of Education Freedom: Andrew Handel and The Rio Grande Foundation

We're excited to get this report out, and it's a good mechanism for us to capture all of the positive movement that we've seen over the years.

Andrew Handel, ALEC Education & Workforce Development Task Force Director, and Paul Gessing, President of The Rio Grande Foundation, discuss the ALEC Index of State Education Freedom: A 50-State Guide to Parental Empowerment.

We wanted the report to be used as a resource not just for policymakers but for parents at large in terms of understanding what types of educational options are available to them in their state.

We’ve seen tremendous movement in education freedom recently. Parents are starting to realize what was being taught to their kids in public schools.  We’re really excited about this report because it’s a good mechanism to reflect all the positive movement that we’ve seen over the years.

Listen to the full interview here.


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