Privacy and Security

FBI vs. Apple: Effort to expand federal power won’t go away

There is a fair chance that you’re reading this on a mobile device.

In fact, there is a fair chance that much of what you read, what you watch, who you email, text and call, the contacts you keep, your schedule, the notes you make and the pictures you take are accessed through your mobile phone or tablet.

That is why the debate about Apple and data encryption is important.

Despite the dismissal of the San Bernardino case, FBI access to mobile devices will continue to be an issue. Companies like Apple will continue to improve encryption, while the FBI will continue to demand access.


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In Depth: Privacy and Security

A market environment is essential for future success of the Internet. A consumer and private-sector-driven approach to privacy via self-regulation avoids undue regulatory burden that would threaten a thriving electronic marketplace. The Internet has flourished due in large part to the unregulated environment in which it has developed and grown.

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