Join the ALEC & ACCE Women’s Caucus in Salt Lake City

All issues are women’s issues, and the ALEC and ACCE Women’s Caucus is a forum that brings together women policymakers from across the states to discuss policy solutions and facilitate the leadership and fellowship of women. The Women’s Caucus is represented by leaders of ALEC and ACCE, and encourages idea-sharing, mentorship and training by women, for women with the goal of cultivating strong legislative leaders.


Join the best and brightest women leaders at the ALEC Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City July 28-30, where we’ll come together and learn from each other with the shared goal to create real change across the states. The Iron Lady Reception is held each year at the ALEC Annual Meeting in honor of the Honorable Margaret Thatcher, where the Iron Lady Award is presented to an outstanding woman who has led the charge guided by the principles of individual liberty and free enterprise.

Utah was home to the first woman to vote in the United States, and we are excited to celebrate the 101st Anniversary of the 19th Amendment and honor the women and men who worked tirelessly to give women a seat at the table.

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