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Lee Schalk Recaps the Midterm Elections on the Voice of Reason

ALEC’s Vice President of Policy, Lee Schalk, discussed the midterm elections, ballot initiative on unions, taxes, government oversight and more on the Voice of Reason with Andy Hooser.

Andy Hooser: . There’s been a large discussion for years regarding going to a flat tax, going to a fair tax, and getting rid of it all together except for sales tax. So the fact that we’re even discussing these issues, maybe enough states can get on board and we can force the federal government to do the same thing.

Lee Schalk: A lot of these states where these governors won easily, they’ve also got policies on the book, like right to work. They’re also defending the right to parents to have more of a say or the biggest say in their child’s education, putting parents in charge. And then also when we get back to the lockdowns during COVID-19, these were the governors that said, hey, maybe we initially locked down. That might have been a mistake, but our economies were going to open them back up and we’re not going to use the government to take away people’s livelihoods.

Andy Hooser: What is it with the obsession of forcing people into unions and not giving people a choice to decide whether they actually want to or actually represent themselves when they go to work on a day to day basis? I don’t understand that mentality.

Lee Schalk: It’s completely backwards. And the whole concept of worker freedom is actually embraced by states like Tennessee, where on a ballot measure in the midterms, voters by a two to one margin approved right to work, rather enshrined right to work in the state constitution. Tennessee has long been a right to work state. But it really comes down to should workers be forced to pay or be a member of a union as a condition of employment? And I think we would say that workers should have freedom to choose. I don’t think that’s too difficult of a concept, but apparently for many, especially on the left, this has really become a political tool to extract money that’s so often used for political purposes. And we see unions flexing that muscle

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