Missouri Judge Upholds State Minimum Wage Law

Good news for small business owners and their employees in St. Louis. Judge Steven Ohmer of the 22nd Circuit  overturned an attempt by the city of St. Louis to mandate an $11 an hour minimum wage hike. According to the Missouri Times, Ohmer ruled that a city could not enact an ordinance that conflicted with state law.

This ruling upheld a longstanding view that cities and counties are political subdivisions of the state and are not equal to the state when it comes to lawmaking.

Senate President Pro Tempore Ron Richard, R-Joplin responded to the ruling by stating, “We have laws on the books for a reason, and this was an obvious overreach of power by the city. Having municipalities unilaterally raising the minimum wage would create a great deal of uncertainty for businesses, particularly small businesses, would make our state look less attractive to potential businesses and hamper much needed job growth.”

Chalk this up as a win for free enterprise, job creators and their employees. Cities and counties should focus on what they do best, which is outlined in their State Constitutions, charters and codes. Political gimmicks that cost people their jobs have no place in local government.

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